About us

We are a young couple from Žilina, Slovakia.

The first female in our family shiba inu was Junna Anvijo. She became Slovak Beauty Champion in 2014. In the same year we established our kennel Pawstrail.  In Junna’s 3 years, we have successfully bred our first litter. Our first puppy Annei Nanuk Pawstrail lives with nice family in Vienna.

How we started

Durimg my childhood I always wanted a dog. Parents never agreed with the dog in our flat, but our home was full of other pets such as spiders, fish, turtles, bunny or agama. When we finally moved into our own my desire for a puppy began to grow.

And why Shiba?

I’ve always had an affinity for spitz (5 FCI group). The first choice should be Samoyed, but when we consider our housing, we had to reject this breed. At one dogshow in Nitra (spring 2011) I first saw shiba inu puppy and it was love at first sight. After that we started with research. At that time I still had no idea how difficult it will be to find a puppy. I contacted probably all breeders in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Junna became part of our family

Finally we decided to choose kennel Anvijo, owned by a very nice couple from Radošovice, Slovakia. We were waiting about half a year until it was born and we could finally take her home.

We brought Junna in November 2011. We took her to the basic training and she was became the beautiful and obedient lady. We were able to successfully manage her dominance and now she exactly knows where is her place in our pack.

Our shiba inu kennel expands

In November 2014, our pack has grown by shiba dog Daijin Aka Czech Jacobin.

shiba inu kennel