Shiba inu breed

Exterior and character

Fluffy tail worn high, strong character, strong neck, proud head, small stand out pointed ears. Shiba looks like a fox.Small, deep brown triangular eyes, they can see deep into your soul and know everything about you.

Big dog in a small body

Shiba is a small samurai. Fearless, smart, clever. Her inner strength, self-confidence and self-control unusually make shiba the right Japanese. They are characterized by the dominance and stubbornness. Despite their smaller stature they are an excellent guardian. The adult female weighs up to 10 kg, males 13 kg.

Due to its compactness,shiba is also suitable for breeding in the apartment. She has no problem to adapt and stay out all the time. Good double coat helps to tolerate severe frost. Shiba does not require a large space and a a lot of run.

Infinitely faithful

What are the characteristics of typical shiba? Opposites. in one hand, she is an independent and self-sufficient, on the other hand, very affectionate and loyal. Shiba is energetic and tireless, playful and active. Very sensitive to their surroundings. She would sit in front of the window or balcony for hours to watch the surrounding.

By nature shiba is a very good hunter and she will be very happy to follow you for  long hikes and trips. She just loves walks but does not require them daily, enough even with a normal daily walking. She is nice to children and also an excellent family dog.

Barks rather rarely, likes to responds to something new and unusual. There are a wide variety of different sounds that are not typical for dogs. In this case shiba is very different from other breeds.

Shiba is very intelligent, lively and extremely neat. Many shiba’s owners considered her as a cat in a dog’s skin. She will always be your best companion and heated your bed every night 🙂

shiba inu kennel